Our Story

We began as a real estate company, and wanted to add to the customer experience by giving homeowners the best customer service possible. Since there are so many discount companies, now, where service is lacking, customer service is becoming more and more of a necessity. Unlike other companies, we don’t charge our vendors to advertise… We trust them!

Our Approach

Vendorso allows no more than 3 bad reviews out of every 50, meaning that the vendors we offer must maintain 4.7 stars or above. Please take a moment to review any vendors you’ve used in the past and recommend any vendors who go above and beyond.

When vendors apply, we ask them to come from contribution by giving back to homeowners by offering promotional items. This in turn will help them to receive reviews for their excellent customer service.

In the event a vendor falls below the 4.7 star status, they will have 60-days to improve their reviews. In the event, they are unable to do so, will be removed from our website.

Next Steps…

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